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Saving Generations 

Saving Generations, Inc offers multiple programs for at-risk youth (predominantly ages 8-19) and their families that reside in Cobb County/Metro Atlanta, GA and (as of April 2018) the Baltimore, MD areas. *Some sub-programs do not carry an age requirement. The program will create partnerships with the local school districts, Department of Family and Children Resources and the juvenile court system. We are a crisis prevention/intervention and mentoring program.  This organization is available to all youth and families regardless of race, color or creed.  Saving Generations is divided into various divisions (more to follow as organization develops):

CUTIES: CUTIES is the central program of Cobb County CUTIES, Inc. This is where the mentor(s) meet with the young ladies and deal with topics that plague them during this age.  Some topics include but are not limited to: Under age drinking, teen pregnancy, abstinence, Aids/HIV, STD's & STI's, coping with school/parents/friends, scholarships,  college or post-secondary goals, health and hygiene. The CUTIES (Courageous, Unique, Teens, discovering their Identities by Embracing their Self-worth) have a sister department (Jr. CUTIES) to insure that delivered information is age (development) appropriate.

Men of Grandeur: Men of Grandeur is the male counterpart to the CUTIES

Olive Branch: Saving Generations partner with local school systems to lend support with students who are displaying challenges.  These challenges include but are not limited to: behavior, life skill sets and of course academia.  We have determined that there is usually an underlying factor in why a student "chooses" to go against the grain in an adverse way.  Unfortunately, the school system is limited with resources to aid these students within the general classroom setting.  Parents must go to work so their availability is limited during school hours.  This is where SG steps in.  We do our best to aid the school, the students, and the families in general by creating classroom settings so that disruptive students can attend (during school hours of course).  The students are given the work designed by their teachers to complete during these sessions. If the student needs help understanding the work, they receive it.   Students are also taught life skills inclusive of: respect, positive behavior, and personal awareness to build self-esteem.  In cases where classrooms are not available to us, we recommend the school to allow SG to carry out the consequences of office referrals (in conjunction with school district code).  Having this matter outsourced offers an additional layer of accountability to the students.  It also allows room for other programs to be fostered such as evaluation of the consequences once implemented. Another component of the Olive Branch program is the availability of a staff member of SG to go into the school system as a mentor.  Parents cannot always take time off of work to volunteer at the school or to sit in during the normal flow of class.  We at SG offer our services to do just that.  This adds an additional level of accountability which has shown to improve student behavior. The Olive Branch Program is for students of all ages as long as they are in Elementary, Middle, or High School. The school must approve Saving Generations to host the Olive Branch Program for the parent fees to be waived.

FWD (Fun With Discipline):  "Discipline & Community Compliance".  So often children are held back (left out) because of discipline issues.  Saving Generations FWD program desires motivating these youth to move forward with proper encouragement and positive discipline.  This is an after-school program established to partner with elementary & middle school aged children.  

SG Child Care Program: This program is established as a safe environment for children to receive the nurturing and education they need to ready them for elementary school.  Though we would prefer to have teens to reach for the stars and embrace their possibilities by living a life of abstinence, we do understand life is not always that way.  We do not want these individuals to drop out of high school, college/trade school or not be able to work a job due to flexible hours.  Summer camp available as well.  This program is open to parents of all ages but priority will be given to those who are apart of SG via: membership, employee, a community partner, employees of Well Star Health System or a member of Cobb County Government. Rates: Registration Fee: $50.00 or $75.00 per family. Infants (newborn-12 months)-$150.00. Toddler (13-36 months)-$145.00. Pre-School (3-5 years)-$140.00. Before & After School (no transportation provided must use Cobb County School System School Buses) $80.00 per week ($40 per week per session).  Weekly Rate (5 & up for holidays & summer camp)-$125.00. Part-time Rate/Drop-in $50 per day.  *Rates for CAPS recipients will be adjusted as advised by governing body. 

Outreach: Outreach is the division where the CUTIES & Men of Grandeur provide community service work and general fundraisers to promote the mission of the organization.

Diversion:  Diversion engages youth involved in the juvenile court system.

Restoration: Restoration is the organizations involvement to create facilities that promote learning, physical awareness, community and family continuity (i.e. computer labs, recreation centers/community centers, transitional living, community gardens, etc).

Parenting/Family Classes: Our  parenting classes focus on providing information to create a safe & stable family. Our desire is to strengthen the parent(s) so that they may offer a solid foundation for the kids to live a happy/healthy life.  Certificates for these classes have been accepted as court-ordered compliance. 

Entrepreneurship Program: Previously named "Extended Communications" is a program in which the youth and/or family members are taught the ends and outs of various trades like basic website, mobile website and app creation & hosting. There's also the possibility for participants to learn how to create/manage programming on our digital syndicated radio station (Our Vibe Network), potentially learn how to create and publicize their own literary work or learn other trades as volunteers become available.  *We are pleased to announce the partnership with Strickly Entertainment, LLC. (2017).  This outlet will give participants hands on training in the filming industry (both behind and in front of the camera).  The proceeds from monthly/annual client fees are applied to the efforts of Saving Generations and are considered tax deductible.

Pathway to Tomorrow Scholarship:  Annual scholarships awarded to deserving college bound/college enrolled students.  


The mission of Saving Generations is the pursuit of the following principles:

Commitment: We would like to inspire pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future.

Responsibility: Our focus is to empower youth in establishing goals and following through on commitments.

Possibility: We would like to expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life's possibilities.

Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. Saving Generations would like to surround young people in a caring, inclusive learning environment.

Restoration: Offer restoration to youth/adolescents and families to make them functional in school, work and community at large.  This process is to eradicate any barrier from a social, physical or mental standpoint.

Partnership: Creating strong community relationships/partnerships for the continuity of resources for the betterment of participants.  


 Forgive ourselves for the childish mistakes we?ve made in the past. 

Make correct choices to be better young ladies (gentlemen) of the present.

Gain knowledge to be greater women (men) of the future.


Our evidence-based parenting classes focus on providing information to create a safe & stable family.  Our desire is to strengthen the parent(s) so that they may offer a solid foundation for the kids to live a happy/healthy life.  The generalized curriculum is as follows:

Anger Management:    identifying anger/stress, recognizing triggers,  and avoid becoming "the beast" (diversions from anger ie. meditation, art, sports, music or any other healthy hobby).

Drug & alcohol abuse:    identifying how substance abuse affects the family

Discipline techniques:    understanding the difference between proper discipline and abuse

Abandonment/Being among the chaos:    Saying yes to having a child(ren) may mean saying no to some people, places, and things. Understanding how the environment you establish effects the child.

Effective ways to communicate: parent to parent and/or parent to child

Become a positive busy body: Techniques on getting involved in your child's life (volunteer at school, sports coach or team parent, family game night, etc).

Building self-esteem in kids while building self-esteem in parenthood

Understanding the development of your child (by age) and proper care techniques (early childhood age)

It takes a village:    getting family and friends involved to make a stronger support system

*These are the core courses that I developed/focus on.  It is possible to add other courses to the program based on the needs of the family and what's court/DFACS ordered.  Participants will get an assessment,  home visits (where applicable) and a certificate of completion.


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Saving Generations has officially been accepted to do business with the State of Maryland as of April 2018.  We look forward to getting involved in the community. Stay tuned for future announcements on projects.

Recent Blog Entries

Saving Generations welcomes our partnership with the Govans/Wilson Park Northern Community in the City of Baltimore.  Our first endeavor is to establish a community garden (in honor of Mrs. Carrie Crank-Cephus -the eldest board member of SG) to hopefully promote unity between the five generations of residents in the area.  Members of SG intend to show interested residents how to take a vacant area of blight and convert it to a place of value.  A special thank you to Ms. Nia Govan with the City of Baltimore for giving us this opportunity. We would also like to thank the patrons of the League for People with Disabilities, Inc for your participation.

*SG is currently accepting the following donations:

~ wood for garden beds and garden benches

~ a small shed for tools, seeds, etc.

~ gardening tools, gloves, etc.

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