Saving Generations

"Saving future generations one youth or family at a time".


Danice H. Wilson, Youth & Family Practitioner Founder/CEO 

 Danice H. Wilson-mother of three biological daughters, three children by marriage, two by adoption, and grandchildren was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She later relocated to Metro Atlanta. She acquired her AA in Business Management, her BS in Business Healthcare Administration and became a Certified Medical Assistance specializing in pediatrics and family practice. She has transitioned her Masters in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling to acquiring her Masters in Education. Danice has served as a Family Independence Case Worker for Cobb County and owned a licensed daycare center from 1997-2007. Aside from being a loving daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother, she currently focuses her efforts on helping the current and up-and-coming generations. She served as a member of the Cobb County Juvenile Court's Youth Diversion Program and is the founder of Saving Generations (Cobb County CUTIES, Inc, Men of Grandeur, Inc. and Mind Over Matter, Inc.). Though plagued by several life-threatening medical issues, Mama D (lovingly called) continues to add accomplishments to her repertoire. She has been inducted into the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society, Cambridge Who's Who, is Honorary Chairman on the Business Advisory Council representing the State of Georgia and now a published author.

Georgette "Tanya" Edwards, Director/Lead Mentor

Georgette Edwards is a loving wife and a proud parent of two children.  She is a very active member in the Marietta District of Cobb County.  She owns and operates a family daycare center in the Marietta area, is a memeber of the Cobb County Juvenile Court's Youth Diversion Program and is the founder of Virtuous Beginnings, a non-profit organization for young ladies who are pregnant or have recently given birth and in need of transitional housing, parenting skills and overall preperation to re-enter life in "the real world".  Mrs. Edwards started as a supportive parent of the Cobb County CUTIES, Inc since 2007. Her heart-felt dedication and tireless physical labors has earned her the right as Director/Lead Mentor of Saving Generations.